Palestinian terrorists cut through the fence on the Israel-Gaza border on Tuesday morning and set fire to an empty Israel Defense Forces outpost.

The group, numbering 10 in total, retreated back into Gaza after the attack.

The IDF said that it was monitoring the group for the entirety of the operation, even before they had breached the border fence.

In response to this attack, an IDF tank targeted a Hamas observation post in the southern Gaza Strip and struck the location. There were reportedly no injuries on either side and it appears Israel’s response appeared as if it was a “tit-for-tat” response. However, today the IDF confirmed that they had also carried out airstrikes on a Hamas terror tunnel along with two additional Hamas military targets.

In late March, three Palestinians who breached the border fence with Gaza were arrested near the Tzeelim army base in southern Israel, more than 12 miles from the border. They were carrying knives and grenades. Just days before that breach, four other Palestinians crossed from Gaza into Israel where they set fire to military equipment.

During the return march earlier this month a group of around 20 Palestinian terrorists entered Israel armed with knives in an attempt to slaughter Jews. This was their stated aim as they filmed themselves. IDF forces opened fire on the group and forced them to retreat back into Gaza. The IDF then repaired the border fence.

Another incident of Palestinian terrorism against Israel took place on Tuesday morning when Palestinians in the West Bank opened fire on cars with Israeli license plates, according to the IDF. No one was injured in the attack near Ramallah, but the tire of a car was blown out in the attack.