The Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza has now removed the baby from the list of Palestinians killed in the recent conflict. Click here to find out more.



The loss of any child’s life is a tragedy and unfortunately, on Monday we heard that a baby was killed in the recent Hamas protests against Israel.

The world is condemning Israel for this death, but they should really be condemning the terrorists of Hamas for using their children as fighters and human shields in their terrorist operations.

The fact a baby was taken to a conflict zone should raise questions from all of us. So why was a baby there in the first place?

This video shows a Palestinian mother with her three-month-old child at these same protests just a few weeks ago.

In the video the mother says she wants her child to be the youngest protester in attendance and that “Allah willing, we shall remain loyal to the wills of the martyrs, which were written in their pure blood”.

When asked if she is concerned her child will inhale smoke and tear gas, the mother replies, “Nothing afflicts you unless Allah has ordained it for you.”

After speaking about “returning” to Israel, she says, “Allah willing, we will march there – martyrs in the millions”. A martyr is someone who sacrifices their life for the sake of Allah.

A male presenter later says that what the mother is doing is an example of “eternal love for Palestine and its children”.

This is the message being broadcast to the Palestinian people. And unfortunately, more women and children are attending these protests as a result.

However, it is not just brainwashing, but coercion of Hamas that is increasing their attendance.

Hamas is paying every individual, including babies, $100 to attend these protests. This gives a monetary incentive for terrorists to bring their families along with them, and it is working.

This incentive started on Monday and the IDF reported a noticeable increase in women and children on the front lines of the riots.

We say front lines because a captured Hamas terrorist told the IDF on camera that Hamas leaders are placing young families on the front of the violent riots to be used as human shields. They are telling the women and the children to lead because they won’t get injured, essentially tricking them into being in that position.

But wait, these are just peaceful protests, right? Wrong.

Here is video footage from Monday, which shows 8 Palestinian terrorists using the cover of a tyre fire along with a crowd of civilians in order to attack Israeli forces.

The attack starts when two terrorists fire guns at Israeli vehicles, hitting one of them.

They then hurl explosives at the Israeli forces, but most of the bombs explode short of their targets.

As the explosions began, the crowd of civilians that is providing cover for the terrorists disperses. This left the terrorists exposed, giving an opportunity for Israeli snipers to open fire, killing all eight terrorists without the loss of any civilian life.

This is just one of many examples showing how Israel is not indiscriminately killing Palestinians but is targeting those carrying out terrorist attacks.

This is public knowledge for all to see. Yet the media and politicians are still saying that all those killed were innocent civilians. They are refusing to accept the truth.

Hamas has claimed 50 of the 62 people who died were members of Hamas. Islamic Jihad, another terrorist organisation in the Gaza Strip has claimed 3 more. This is not just a claim from Israel, these are the official figures.

Below is a screenshot from the official website of Islamic Jihad showing its three terrorists who were killed whilst carrying out a military operation.

A point of note here is that this terrorist on the right-hand side is just 16-years-old.

Instead of condemning Israel for killing children. The world should be condemning Hamas and Palestinian terror groups for taking babies and children as human shields in conflict zones and employing children as fighters to carry out terrorist operations against Israel.