Guy Maayan, a correspondent for Kan News, posted on his Twitter account a leaked recording in which Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas is heard speaking at a meeting of the central committee of the Fatah movement held in Ramallah on April 21.

Abbas is asked in the recording about his position on China and he responds with a slew of curse words, directing his anger toward China, Russia, the US and “all the Arabs”.

Abbas clearly does not appreciate all the help his government has gotten from those he cursed including the billions of dollars given by other Arab nations that have largely been squandered by the Palestinian Authority.

The Biden Administration is currently looking to give tens of millions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority, while China and Russia have long supported the Palestinians in global bodies such as the UN with these countries giving over 100,000 vaccines for COVID-19 to them in recent weeks.

They say not to bite the hand the feeds you. But no matter how many times Abbas bites, it is unlikely that support for the Palestinians will wain.