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Dear Foreign Secretary,

In June last year, the British government warned the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) that the UK will vote against all anti-Israel resolutions unless it ends its anti-Israel bias by the end of 2018.

Six months is up, however the UNHRC has not changed. With the Council meeting next week, please can you give me assurances as Foreign Secretary that Britain will keep its promise.

The six-month ultimatum was made by your predecessor, Boris Johnson, who took issue with the UNHRC’s inclusion of “Agenda Item 7”, which mandates that allegations against Israel must be debated at each of the Council’s sessions.

Not only is Israel the only country in the world to be singled out, but the agenda item is used to hurl discriminatory and biased accusations against Israel.

Speaking at the opening of the UNHRC’s 38th session, Mr Johnson said, “We share the view that the dedicated Agenda Item 7 focused solely on Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories is disproportionate and damaging to the cause of peace, and unless things change we shall vote next year against all resolutions introduced under Item 7.”

Item 7 will again feature when the UNHRC meets between 18-22 March in which 47 member states will debate a biased report into Israel’s defensive actions at the Gaza border. There is therefore no evidence of any change at the UNHRC.

Australia and Denmark have voiced their opposition to the inclusion of Item 7, saying that they will not participate in the debate, whilst the United States has repeatedly placed pressure on the UNHRC to scrap the item altogether.

The United Kingdom should honour its word by voting against all anti-Israel resolutions under Item 7. I also believe that Britain should demand that the UNHRC ends its bias against Israel, call for the end of Item 7 itself and, if necessary, take further action against the UNHRC’s “disproportionate” and “damaging” attitude towards Israel and towards peace.

Thank you for your concern in this matter.

Yours sincerely,