(Algemeiner) The European Union’s parliament approved amendments on Wednesday that aim to prevent aid to the Palestinian Authority from financing educational materials considered discriminatory or intolerant.

The measures were adopted by the European Parliament’s Committee on Budgetary Control, and relate to the PEGASE fund, through which the EU provides funding to the PA.

“The European Parliament … insists that educational material financed by Union funds, including PEGASE, comply with the common values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination through education adopted by education ministers of the Union in Paris on 17 March 2015,” one amendment reads.

It also commits the EU to ensure that its funds “are spent in line with UNESCO-derived standards of peace and tolerance in education.”

The second amendment — explicitly marked as relating to PA funds — likewise requires “that teaching and training programmes” supported by the EU reflect the same “common values.”

The PA has long been criticized for using educational materials that the Israeli government and watchdog groups have accused of radicalizing youth and inciting violence against Jews and the Jewish state.

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