Discrimination against Jews in the Netherlands nearly doubled in 2017, reaching a five-year high that accounts for 41 percent of all the xenophobic incidents recorded.

report published last month by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service listed 144 confirmed criminal offences last year involving xenophobia, including intimidation, vandalism, assault and incitement to hate or violence.

Of those cases, 41 percent of incidents were “directed against Jews,” who account for 0.2 percent of the Dutch population. Another 7 percent were against victims for their “religion or way of life,” including Muslims. Criminal discrimination against homosexuals accounted for 8 percent of the 144 cases.

In 2016, discrimination against Jews accounted for 22 percent of the 163 cases upheld by the Dutch judiciary.

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Note: The Muslim population is 20 times bigger than the Jewish population, yet Jews are seven times more likely to be the victims of a xenophobic attack in The Netherlands. This is more than any other individual religious or racial group.