What are the parties’ commitments relating to Israel? We take a look at what each manifesto says. Please note that these quotations are taken directly from their respective manifestos  and do not necessarily reflect the views of CUFI.

  • We have included any specific mentions of Israel and any broader references to issues such as religious freedom and equality that could be considered applicable to Christians and Jews.
  • Only those parties that have had one or more MPs elected in the 2015-2017 Parliament have been included.


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Conservative Party


On Israel

No commitments 


On religious freedom

We will continue to champion British values around the globe: freedom, democracy, tolerance and the rule of law…We will expand our global efforts to combat extremism, terror, and the perpetration of violence against people because of their faith, gender or sexuality.


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Labour Party

On Israel

Labour is committed to a comprehensive peace in the Middle East based on a two-state solution – a secure Israel alongside a secure and viable state of Palestine. There can be no military solution to this conȵict and all sides must avoid taking action that would make peace harder to achieve. That means both an end to the blockade, occupation and settlements, and an end to rocket and terror attacks. Labour will continue to press for an immediate return to meaningful negotiations leading to a diplomatic resolution. A Labour government will immediately recognise the state of Palestine.


On religious freedom

We will appoint dedicated global ambassadors for women’s rights, LGBT rights and religious freedom to fight discrimination and promote equality globally.


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Liberal Democrat Party

On Israel

Remain committed to a negotiated peace settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which includes a two-state solution. We condemn disproportionate force used by all sides. We condemn Hamas’ rocket attacks and other targeting of Israeli civilians. We condemn Israel’s continued illegal policy of settlement expansion, which undermines the possibility of a two-state solution. We support recognition of the independent State of Palestine as and when it will help the prospect of a two-state solution.


On anti-Semitism

Campaign to reduce intolerance, including anti-Semitism, and hate crimes alongside organisations such as Show Racism the Red Card, the Anne Frank Trust UK, and Kick It Out.


On religious freedom

Appoint an ambassador-level champion for freedom of belief to drive British diplomatic efforts in this field, and campaign for the abolition of blasphemy, sedition, apostasy and criminal libel laws worldwide, having already been responsible for ending them in this country. 

Guarantee the freedom of people to wear religious or cultural dress, and tackle the growing incidence of Islamophobic hate crime.


UK Independence Party (UKIP)

On Israel 

We want to see a peaceful resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict and will put our full diplomatic weight behind seeking this outcome.


On radical Islam

When it comes to the greatest threat to world peace and the British way of life, UKIP is convinced this comes from the spread of radical Islam across the globe. The threshold for seeking to topple anti-Islamist leaders will therefore remain very high indeed.


On Religious Freedom

Protect religious freedoms in accordance with Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, provided those beliefs exist firmly within the framework of British law. We will not condone any faith position that is itself intolerant of the human rights of others.

The Sentencing Council produces guidelines listing ‘aggravating factors’ which make a crime more serious, so it may incur a higher sentence on conviction. We propose that so-called ‘honour crimes’ should be added to that list. We will also make it clear that the aggravating factor of ‘racial or religious motivation’ may apply to any offender, of any race or faith.

We will establish a legal commission to draw up proposals to disband sharia councils.


Green Party

On Israel

No commitments


On religious discrimination

Action to tackle racism and discrimination on the basis of faith or disability, real equality for LGBTIQA+ people, equal rights for mixed gender couples to have a Civil Partnership.




Scottish National Party (SNP)

On Iran

The SNP will uphold the international agreement which led to the end of the Republic of Iran’s nuclear weapons programme. Any attempt to renege on the agreement in terms of the reintegration of Iran into the international community and the relaxation of sanctions would be to undo one of the greatest achievements in peace building of recent years.


On Israel

The SNP will continue to work with international partners to progress a lasting peace settlement in the Middle East, pursuing a two state solution for Israel and Palestine.



Plaid Cymru

On Israel

No commitments



Sein Fein

On Israel

No commitments


Ulster Unionist Party

On Israel

No commitments


On religious freedom

The Ulster Unionist Party believes in a society where people have the means to get by, the opportunity to get on, and the expectation to be treated fairly regardless of their gender, age, religion, political beliefs or nationality.


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