Nearly half of Britons think at least one anti-Semitic view presented to them was ‘definitely or probably true’, a survey has revealed.

One in eight said they thought Jews talked about the Holocaust to get sympathy, the poll found.

One in four believed Jewish people ‘chase money more than others’, while one in six felt Jews thought they were better than other people and had too much power in the media.

The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA), which commissioned the YouGov study, said the findings were a ‘shocking wake-up call’ and warned that anti-Semitism would grow unless it was met by ‘zero tolerance’. The group said the survey also revealed that people who said they would vote Ukip in the General Election ‘consistently believed more anti-Semitic statements to be true’, by an average margin of nine per cent.

• New survey found that almost half of all Britons held an anti-Semitic view
• One in four believe that Jews chase money more than other people
• One in six thought that Jews had too much power in the media
• The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism commissioned the shocking survey
• Almost 60 per cent of Jews fear they have no long-term future in Europe

Source: Daily Mail