A series of disturbing video clips are emerging showing anti-Israel activists replacing Israel’s flag at memorials commemorating those who died in the terrorist attacks in Brussels last week.

In the first one, a lady wearing a traditional Muslim headscarf was filmed by French television station RTL in Brussels’ Place de la Bourse, where an Israeli flag had been placed at a vigil to proteprotespmore than 30 victims of the bombings.

The woman appears to replace the Israel flag with a larger Palestinian flag, before tearing up the Israeli flag and hiding the pieces out of sight under a banner.

Mourners have been placing flowers, candles and flags to show solidarity with the victims of the attack.

In the second video a man takes a Palestinian flag and places it over the top of an Israeli flag at another memorial site.

And a third video has emerged of a man standing in the middle of the flowers shouting “Palestine” repeatedly before being arrested.