The United Nations has once again proven itself not fit for purpose after the latest biased anti-Israel report was released by the Commission of Inquiry into Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

This is the second report produced by the inquiry and it is another one-sided attack on Israel that is disguised as being a “fair assessment” of the current situation. It could not be further from reality.

Prime Minister Yair Lapid on Friday morning slammed a United Nations report saying, “Not all criticism of Israel is antisemitism, but this report was written by antisemites (as Israel has already revealed) and is a distinctly antisemitic report,” he added.

The 28-page report makes for dire reading for anyone who supports Israel, not because it is the truth, but because these lies have the power to cause long-term damage to Israel through no fault of its own.

The report effectively accuses Israel of breaking every international law possible against the Palestinians, committing human rights violations, and even absurdly claims that Israel is treating its Arab citizens as second-class citizens – effectively claiming Israel is practising “apartheid” – an absolute lie.

It even absurdly claims Israel is committing gender-based violence against Palestinian women. This is insanity. Palestinian women in Gaza, for example, are not allowed to go to certain places without permission from their husbands or male guardians, according to laws enacted by Hamas. This isn’t even mentioned in the report and is a clear violation of women’s rights. Yet, Israel is accused of oppressing Palestinian women without evidence.

Shockingly, the report urges sanctions against Israel and even criminal action to be taken against Israeli officials by the International Criminal Court (ICC) and other legal bodies.

The authors requested an urgent advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice “on the legal consequences of the continued refusal on the part of Israel to end its occupation,” and an investigation from the International Criminal Court prosecutor.

The United Nations General Assembly will be voting on this report in the coming days. We must pray it fails to pass, even though we know the majority of nations are against Israel and the Bible says the nations of the earth will turn against God’s people in the latter days.

Let’s be clear, this is anti-Israel bias at the highest level and it is one of the most egregious attacks against Israel from the United Nations.

The report singles out Israel for all the woes of the Palestinians while removing all responsibility from the Palestinians. There is not a single mention of terrorist groups such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad or the Palestinian Authority which controls the Palestinian territories.

There is also no mention of Palestinian actions that continue the troubles, such as terrorism, incitement and other factors where Palestinian leaders and groups hinder the lives and livelihoods of Palestinians in favour of funding terrorism and pursuing an antisemitic agenda to wipe out Israel.

The enquire inquiry is particularly disgraceful because of the anti-Israel hatred, and even antisemitic views, of those who are conducting the report. This bias goes against the UN’s own rules and should have caused their removal.

This fact was not lost on Israel’s mission to Geneva which reacted to the report by saying: “Commissioners who made antisemitic comments and who proactively engaged in anti-Israel activism, both before and after their appointment, have no legitimacy nor credibility in addressing the issue at hand.”

The Israeli embassy added that the report damages the UN’s credibility and its human rights mechanisms.

Navi Pillay heads the open-ended inquiry (the only permanent inquiry the UN has ever allowed). She has previously given support for the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. It is then against UN rules to allow her to be part of what is supposed to be an independent inquiry. Instead, she should be replaced with a truly neutral person who will look at both sides of the conflict.

The second member of the inquiry is Miloon Kothari who caused uproar after he was quoted on a podcast this year as speaking out against the “Jewish lobby”, something that has antisemitic connotations. Additionally, he wants Israel removed from the United Nations entirely. How on earth is someone going to give a fair report of a country he hates to the point of removing it from the United Nations? The UN is home to every nation on earth that wants to join it. It has dictators, human rights abusers and more in its ranks, but Kothari singles out Israel for expulsion. That singling out of Israel and treating it different from other nations by Pillay and Kothari is antisemitic.

Finally, Chris Sidoti is the third member of the inquiry and he has claimed that antisemitism accusations were being “thrown around like rice at a wedding,” effectively dismissing legitimate claims of Jew hatred. How can someone who dismisses the fears of Jews so readily?

There is a clear and concerted effort to damage Israel with this inquiry and those carrying out the investigations are nothing less than anti-Israel activists with a biased agenda.

Sadly, there are many in the world who have had their view warped when it comes to Israel. Too many view Israel as being a great evil on the earth – they are blinded by hatred.

We must continue to hold Israel up in prayer and challenge the lies of the enemy. The Bible says Israel will be a light unto the nations. This is the land that God chose for His glory and gave to His people, the Jews.

Israel is a land of beauty and great love, and the devil is trying to rob the Jews of this blessing. We cannot allow evil to corrupt the holiness of the things God has ordained.

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