A man who planned a protest “against Jewification” has been arrested and apparently banned from the whole of London.

Joshua Bonehill revealed an image on his blog which purports to show a letter from police outlining bail conditions after his arrest on Friday.

It reveals a ban on entering “the area contained within the M25 except to answer police bail”.

Bonehill, from Yeovil in Somerset, had planned to hold a demonstration in Stamford Hill in March to protest against “Jewification and anti-white oppression”.

The demonstration, which was set to take place on Clapton Common on March 22, drew angry responses on social media.

Labour MP Luciana Berger, who was recently the target of anti-Semitism on Twitter, tweeted: “This ‘rally’ has no place in Britain.”

Liam Hoare wrote: “A white supremacist march to ‘liberate’ Stamford Hill — is this real?”

And Ava Vidal posted: “Since when has there been a ‘Jewification’ of Britain? Are people losing their minds?!”

Police confirmed a “22-year-old from Yeovil” was arrested on Friday by officers investigating allegations of inciting racial hatred.

Source: London Standard