Israel’s cutting-edge technology is having an incredible impact in the United Kingdom. In fact, the UK-Israel tech relationship has never been stronger.

In 2011, the UK Government chose Israel as the first country where it launched a new model of commercial diplomacy focused on tech partnerships. Five years on, the UK Israel Tech Hub, a government-backed initiative that forges technology partnerships between Israel and Britain, has made tremendous advances in promoting Britain’s role as a leading destination for innovation. In fact the Tel Aviv based group, which is supported by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, has enabled over 80 commercial partnerships between the two countries, affecting lives of millions of people and contributing to economic growth.

By introducing cutting-edge technology from Israel, people in the UK today benefit from enhanced utility services, better road safety and new healthcare innovations in hospitals and clinics, to name a few.

For example, Velcourt, the UK’s largest farming company, evaluate Israeli technologies with potential to increase wheat yield and crop resilience. In financial technology and cyber-security, The Royal Bank of Scotland has trialled 13 Israeli solutions. And in April, Dyson, the Wiltshire-based global company made famous by its innovative vacuum cleaners, brought transparency about air quality information to its customers, thanks to a partnership with the Israeli air quality data analytics company called Breezometer.

Another field of tremendous opportunities for partnership is in “intelligent mobility”, which is the use of technology and data to improve the movement of people and goods across transport methods. For example, over 100 British companies have been introduced to 15 of the most promising Israeli innovators in mobility and driverless technologies. The UK Israel Tech Hub says it has worked closely with major UK transport players, such as Jaguar Land Rover, Transport for London, Transport Systems Catapult and Institute for Engineering and Technology.

It says that Israeli companies are eager to partner with their British counterparts in this field, in recognition that the UK is positioning itself as a global leader in rolling out autonomous vehicles.

“The UK Israel tech relationship has never been stronger, and we believe that bringing together British and Israeli expertise in intelligent mobility can be a world-beating combination, transforming the way people and goods are transported. The UK Israel Tech Hub’s strong presence in Israel demonstrates that Britain is outward looking, embracing technology and open for business.”

Source: Foreign Commonwealth Office / CUFI