The UK has signed a landmark agreement with Israel’s transport ministry that will see engineers from London’s Crossrail project advise Israeli officials on their new £33 billion underground train system.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps visited Israel on Wednesday where he signed a “memorandum of understanding” confirming that Crossrail International will provide consulting services for  the new Tel Aviv metro that will see the construction of three underground lines, 90 miles of track and 109 stations.

Crossrail was responsible for the new Elizabeth Line in London, a major project completed earlier this year and which was opened in May by The Queen. The Department of Transport said the company, which they own, will provide advice on design and environmentalism.

The government is hopeful that the Tel Aviv project will boost the UK’s image as an engineering force.

Matthew Salter, the UK’s trade attaché to Israel told The Times:”It is very gratifying to see a British company win such a significant advisory role in Israel.

“We are confident Crossrail International will help in many aspects of the complex metro project across all the various challenges it will face… making a significant difference to improving the lives of Israeli citizens.”


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