The Telegraph has reported on two attacks on Jewish people in Germany. One attack was carried out by asylum seekers on a lone Jewish man, while the other was carried out by an anti-immigrant group who mistook two Israeli students for asylum seekers.

On Saturday, a 49-year-old Jewish man from France was beaten and robbed at a ferry terminal in Fehmarn, an island off the north German coast.

The suspects, a 30-year-old Syrian and a 19-year-old Afghan, are alleged to have targeted the victim because he was wearing a Jewish yarmulke skullcap.

They allegedly shouted “Jew!” at him in Arabic, threw him to the ground and stole a bag containing his money, bank cards and mobile phone.

The two men have been released on bail, although a spokesman for the prosecutors said they would have ‘preferred them to remain in detention’.

“This case has top priority for us”, he said. “We pursue anti-Semitic crimes consistently and vigorously”.

In a separate incident two Israeli students were chased through the streets of Dresden after being mistaken for Arab asylum-seekers.

A group of six men attacked the students as they walked in the city centre on Monday evening. “**** Arabs! This is our country!” they shouted. One of the students was beaten and suffered minor injuries.

The Israelis managed to flee to a nearby shop where the attackers smashed the window before fleeing.

The identity of the attackers is unknown and the police are appealing for witnesses.