Several hundred people, Jews and non-Jews, have marched in Warsaw in support of Israel.

Christian organizations in Poland organized Sunday’s rally in the capital amid the recent wave of Palestinian violence that has claimed more than two dozen lives of Jewish-Israelis. Carrying the flags of Israel and Poland, the marchers sang and danced, the website reported.

“I’ve never seen such a large demonstration of support for Israel,” said Israel’s ambassador to Poland, Anna Azari, in remarks thanking the participants.

A small group from the National Rebirth of Polish tried to disrupt the rally, waving flags of the Palestinian Authority, but the pro-Israel marchers reportedly remained peaceful.

“When Polish and European media report on events in Israel, it is often unreliable and negative for Israelis,” Pawel Czyszek, editor of the Polish Jews Forum, told JTA. “I walked in the march, carrying the flag of the State of Israel, to demonstrate my support for the country and convey to Israelis that they are not alone.”

Source: JTA