The British government has continued to put off banning Hezbollah in its entirety, but a full proscription is “under review” according to the Home Secretary.

Answering a question in Parliament yesterday, Sajid Javid said: “It is clear that Hezbollah has engaged in and promoted terrorist activity around the world. That is why we have already proscribed its military wing, but I am aware that ​Hezbollah leaders have themselves cast doubt on the distinction between the military and political activities, so I understand why my hon. Friend asks that question.”

But he added: “It is not Government policy to comment on proscription without coming properly to the House, but I assure him that we are keeping this under review.”

It is the first time that the government has officially acknowledged that Hezbollah, by its own admission, does not differentiate between its political and military wings, even though the UK and EU have banned its military arm but not its so-called political wing.

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