In a special editorial for the Jewish News, the Prince of Wales has paid tribute to Lord Rabbi Sacks, who died last Saturday. Prince Charles described the former Chief Rabbi as a “source of wisdom, sanity and moral conviction in bewildering and confusing times.”

“His life was distinguished by three commitments:  commitment to listening to, and learning from, others without fear of  compromising either his or their deeply held convictions; commitment to the institutions of the Nation which he nurtured through his own advocacy and participation; commitment to the integrity and harmony of God’s Creation, to Shalom,” writes Prince Charles.

“In contemplating a life so tragically and unexpectedly cut short, we can only look to the divine Providence in which Rabbi Sacks placed his own trust, and have faith that, as the Psalmist says, our times are in his hands.

Read the entire tribute at the Jewish News. Click here

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