During a Wednesday interview on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took President Joe Biden to task over the White House’s plan to reenter the Iran nuclear deal.

Netanyahu argued that the “dangerous deal” was “even worse than the first one.”

He lamented that the deal gives Iran “everything to threaten all of us and gives nothing to us in return.”

“I think this is a horrible deal; a dangerous deal that will pave Iran’s path with gold — a golden-paved highway to a nuclear arsenal,” Netanyahu emphasized. “If Iran has nuclear weapons, they don’t merely threaten my country, Israel, or the entire Middle East and America’s allies. They threaten you directly because simultaneously with developing nuclear weapons, they are developing the means to deliver them across continents. So, you can have Iran governed by these fanatic ayatollahs who will hold every American citizen hostage to nuclear weapons. I think this is a threat to the peace of the world, and that’s what this horrible deal facilitates. It’s even worse in the first one.”

“[Iran] can develop added enrichment capacity of uranium — 3,500 advanced centrifuges that each is each 10-20 times stronger and more effective than the centrifuges that they have,” he added. “So, you are adding an enormous capacity to enriched uranium. That’s the critical element of making nuclear bombs. The deal gives it to them. It gives them right now hundreds of billions of dollars, and by the end of the agreement, a trillion dollars to pursue their terror and aggression against everyone — against you and against us. This is what the deal gives them.”

Netanyahu continued, “What does it ask of them? Nothing. It doesn’t ask them to change their behavior, to stop calling for the destruction of Israel, to stop bombing the neighboring countries like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. It doesn’t ask them anything. It doesn’t stop their development of ballistic missiles. It doesn’t even guarantee that their sites will be inspected. This is a deal that gives them everything to threaten all of us and gives nothing to us in return.”

Source: Breitbart

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