Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently visiting Russia and meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Speaking before his meeting, Netanyahu said that his primary aims for visiting Russia were to ensure the military coordination between the IDF and the Russian forces in Syria as well as to discuss Iran’s efforts to establish a military presence in Syria and its continued efforts to “turn Lebanon into one giant missile site” from where Iran plans to launch “precision missiles against the State of Israel” through its proxy terrorist group Hezbollah.

Netanyahu stressed that both actions by Iran would not be tolerated by Israel.

During the visit the two leaders visited the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre in Moscow, and toured the “Sobibor: Victorious over Death” exhibit.

After seeing the exhibit the two leaders sat together where Netanyahu said:

“I very much appreciate this invitation and your personal appearance in this place, today, which reflects our common struggle against the greatest evil that humanity has known, and the awful price paid by my people, the Jewish people, and the Russian people and the great sacrifice of 20 million Russians alongside our 6 million, and the heroism of the Red Army in achieving victory over the Nazis.

We see here this very moving presentation of documents from the Sobibor uprising, in which a Jewish Red Army officer led – against all odds – the successful breakout, the breakout to freedom.

PM Netanyahu and Russian President Putin at Jewish Museum in Moscow

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow, and toured the "Sobibor: Victorious over Death" exhibit.Video: Omer Miron, GPOSound: Ben Peretz, GPO

Posted by The Prime Minister of Israel on Monday, 29 January 2018

I think that the main lesson of the rise of the Nazis and, afterwards, their defeat, is that one needs to take a strong and timely stand against murderous ideologies.

This is also our mission today and it is to this end that I want to speak with you, about our common efforts to promote security and stability in our region, and – of course – the cooperation between us, between Russia and Israel.

Our talks, which we hold periodically, in my view, greatly contribute to achieving these goals and I am certain that they will do so now as well.”

Netanyahu’s visit is still taking place and we will see what else comes up from this meeting of leaders.