MPs in Westminster are set to debate the Foreign Aid debate on Monday – and Palestinian terrorism is likely to feature.

The decision to hold a debate has been welcomed by CUFI UK in light of widespread concerns that payments are being made to family members of Palestinian terrorists as part of UK funding to the Palestinian Territories.

On 13 June MPs will debate the Foreign Aid programme. In a previous Action Alert, CUFI supporters brought to the MPs attention the abuses that are taking place regarding the Palestinian Authority (PA) paying criminals salaries and using aid funds to incite and support violence and is now urging supporters to contact their MP.

Whatever views people hold about the aid budget, paying salaries to terrorists and supporting incitement does not help people in poverty. In partnership with Israel Britain Alliance, we have made it possible to contact MPs and urge them to attend this important debate. Hundreds of CUFI supporters have already done so, but the more emails we send, the more effective we can be in ensuring the MPs are informed and attend the debate.

The events in Tel Aviv this week remind us of the threat from Palestinian terrorists. But we must also recognise that reports of Hamas supporters celebrating Wednesday’s terror attack is an indication that these attitudes towards Israel are deeply embedded across communities. We cannot allow the murder of innocent victims to be lauded even further by allowing the UK to fund a salary for the terrorists’ families. What must be made absolutely clear is that terror doesn’t pay.

Between 2011 and 2015, the Department for International Development (DfID) sent £349 million to the Palestinian territories. Around £130m went directly to the PA in a bid to promote wealth-creation, reduce poverty and support its government institutions. And DfID is due to send a further £72m to the territories in 2016 — with £25.5m to the PA — a 15 per cent increase on last year.


Christians United for Israel UK