New details emerged from the Lebanese Al Mayadeen news channel Thursday regarding the alleged ceasefire agreement being formulated between Israel and Hamas.

According to the Lebanese report, Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, would stop hostilities for a year while Israel would organise a sea route from Cyprus to Gaza under Israeli security control.

But the would-be ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas in Gaza will strengthen terrorist groups in Judea and Samaria, Shin Bet (Israeli Security Agency) head Nadav Argaman told the security cabinet ministers during a special meeting Thursday discussing the deal.

According to Argaman, signing a deal with Hamas will weaken Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and “show Hamas that terror pays.”

“A move like this will also weaken the moderates and show the Palestinians that only violence achieves results from Israel,” he said.

Education Minister and Jewish Home party chairman Naftali Bennett has repeatedly warned against an agreement with Hamas, calling it a “serious, irresponsible mistake” that will give the Hamas terror group an opportunity to replenish its rocket supply.

“This is a prize in return for 130 days of terror, rockets, snipers and incendiary balloons,” Bennett said, as translated by Ynet. “This ‘quiet’ will award Hamas total immunity to replenish tens of thousands of rockets threatening all parts of the country and allow them to launch a war against Israel at a time and under conditions most convenient to them.”

Speaking on Israeli Radio Thursday, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman repeated his theme of recent days, insisting that the residents of Gaza would have much to gain when Israeli citizens enjoy quiet and security.

Earlier, it was reported that Egyptian Chief of Intelligence Maj. Gen. Abbas Kamel met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv on Wednesday in order to discuss the emerging deal.

Source: World Israel News