In 1984 Jeremy Corbyn sponsored a Labour Movement Conference on Palestinine which called for “Labour Movement bodies to press for the disaffiliation of Poale Zion from the Labour Party”.

At the time, Poale Zion was the only Jewish organisation in the Labour Party.

Today, Poale Zion has been renamed Jewish Labour Movement (JLM), it was rebranded in 2004, and describes itself as a membership organisation of Labour-supporting members of the Jewish community. It supports the Israeli Labour Party and is affiliated with the UK Labour Party.

The Times reports that Mr Corbyn was listed as a “sponsor” of the Labour Movement Conference on Palestine in a 1984 newsletter that was published online last week by Tony Greenstein, a controversial anti-Zionist campaigner.

Speaking to The Times, Jeremy Newmark, national chairman of the JLM, said yesterday that he did not know the history of the motion but added: “I find it hard to believe that any Labour politician would support what amounts to a proposal to purge the party’s only Jewish affiliate.”

Some 32 year later, JLM will be assisting the Labour leader to deal with anti-Semitism in his party. The group will help organise training for officers of all Labour clubs on how to deal with anti-Semitism. The move is a recommendation given in the inquiry by Baroness Royall of Blaisdon, the Labour peer, into allegations of anti-Semitism within the Oxford University Labour Club.

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