In a moving Facebook post, the Israeli teenager who was stabbed in Russel Square on Wednesday evening has told her story of events.

Yovel Lewkowski, 18, who was visiting London from Tel Aviv, was one of five people injured in the attack on Wednesday night but said she is “not afraid” to continue with her trip.

Ms Lewkowski said she watched as an American woman, who was fatally stabbed in the attack, “perished in front of my eyes” in a matter of “seconds, metres, breaths”.

Yovel was stabbed in the bicep muscle of the upper arm during the attack and in a Facebook post she wrote: “I’m not afraid, I want to keep going with the trip.”

“The last few hours have taught me to appreciate every second, I don’t know whether to call it luck or fate, but no doubt it is some sort of miracle compared to the woman who stood right next to me and perished in front of my eyes: a matter of seconds, metres, breaths.

“I send strength to the family and ask that you take advantage of every moment – nothing is to be taken for granted.

“It’s time to say thank you to the wonderful people in your lives… I thank everyone for their warm wishes.”