The Israeli government has decided to turn the tables on the Israel boycotters and publish a “BDS Blacklist” of 20 organisations that support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against the Jewish state. Israel has warned that they will bar entry to members of those organisations.

Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs published list of organisations.

“These organisations operate consistently against the State of Israel, while putting pressure on other organisations, institutions and countries to boycott Israel,” the ministry stated.

“The organisations’ activities are carried out through a false propaganda campaign aimed at undermining Israel’s legitimacy in the world.”

Minister of Strategic Affairs Gilad Erdan stated that “the consolidation of the list is another step in our struggle against the incitement and lies of the boycott organisations. No country would allow visitors who come to harm the country to enter it, and certainly when the goal is to destroy Israel as a Jewish state.”

He added that Israel has “moved from defence to offence, the boycott organisations should know that the Jewish state will act against them and will not allow them to enter it to harm its citizens.”

“These people take advantage of the law and our hospitality to act against Israel and slander the Land. I will act against this in every way,”stated Interior Minister Aryeh Deri.

The BDS Movement calls for governments, companies and individuals to boycott Israeli products, divest from the country and place sanctions on the government until they bring about “justice for the Palestinians”. In reality they seek Israel’s destruction, trying to politically isolate and ostracise the world’s only Jewish state for so-called “human rights violations” whilst ignoring the atrocities of the Palestinians own leadership and other nations who really are committing human rights violations.

The full list of organisations on the BDS Blacklist are as follows:

European Organisations

  • Palestine Solidarity Association (France)
  • BDS France
  • BDS Italy
  • The European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine
  • Friends of Al-Aqsa
  • Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • The Palestine Committee of Norway
  • Palestine Solidarity Association of Sweden
  • Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • War on Want
  • BDS Kampagne

American organisations:

  • American Friends Service Committee
  • American Muslims for Palestine
  • Code Pink
  • Jewish Voice for Peace
  • National Students for Justice in Palestine
  • US Campaign for Palestinian Rights

Other groups:

  • BDS Chile
  • BDS South Africa
  • BDS National Committee