Israel is celebrating its 70th anniversary as a state in a magnificent way. Official ceremonies were held at Mount Herzl; Political leaders expressed joy and congratulations to Israel and thanks to Israel’s friends around the world; People celebrate with barbecues and a leisure day; America joins in by lighting important buildings blue.

Israel’s official Twitter account announced the start of the Independence Celebrations

Recounting Israel’s achievements since its Independence in 1948

Official celebrations

Ceremony at Mount Herzl

300 drones form the Star of David

Israeli Air Force Flyover


The Negev celebrates as well

Political Leaders

Netanyahu delivers an important message

Trump and Netanyahu reaffirm national friendships

Israel’s ambassador to the United Kingdom gives reasons to commemorate Israel’s birthday

People celebrate

Israelis celebrate the 70th Independence anniversary with a traditional barbecue or “mangal”

Some Israelis celebrate at the beach

Israelis wish the best for their country

Children celebrate by riding camels

The US joins in

America shows its support by lighting buildings blue

The Jacks Bridge Boston

South Boston Railway Station


CHICAGO is celebrating 70 years for Israel 🇮🇱 Thank you 🙏 we are grateful and thankful for your love and support!!Please share this so the lights could be seen all the way to Israel 🇮🇱

Posted by Aviv Ezra on Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Baranes Bride Massachusetts

Rhode Island Legislature

Beverly Hills joins the celebrations

Florida Christians Celebrate too