(DailyMail) The Israeli Embassy has reacted with fury after a ‘hate speaker’ delivered an hour-long rant on Jews and Zionism to students at a top London university.

Thomas Suarez described the creation of Israel as a ‘racist’, ‘fascist’ endeavour, and linked the ‘cult’ of Zionism to the Nazis.

Yiftah Curiel, spokesman for Israel’s diplomatic mission, accused SOAS (The Palestine Society at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies( of letting ‘racist conspiracy theories’ go unchallenged during the talk at the Palestine Society.

He told MailOnline: ‘We are surprised and disappointed that SOAS would give a platform to a hate speaker.

‘He equates Zionism – the Jewish people’s right to national self determination – with Nazism and Fascism.

‘It is regrettable that instead of promoting coexistence and dialogue, SOAS would hold an event at which outlandish, racist conspiracy theories regarding Zionism and the Jewish people, were presented as fact.’

The university responded by saying the event was organised independently by the Students’ Union and it wanted to maintain a ‘neutral platform’ for different opinions

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