A Jewish baby has been burned on her back and thighs after acid was poured on her pushchair in Lyon, France.

The 14-month-old girl, the daughter of a French rabbi, was being looked after by her grandmother when the incident happened. The grandmother had left the pushchair overnight in the communal hallway of their apartment building. It is thought that during the night someone, possibly a neighbour, poured a corrosive liquid onto the seat of the pushchair in order to harm the baby.

The next morning the grandmother took the baby for a walk in the pushchair and after returning home noticed severe irritation on the baby’s back and thighs. The burns caused the grandmother to rush the child to hospital.

The baby is thought to be in no further danger and is recovering.

A police source said they were looking into the incident as a possible anti-Semitic hate crime.

“We take this case very seriously, but, for now, it is still unclear whether this case is an act of anti-Semitism, a neighbourhood quarrel or gratuitous damage committed by thugs,” the source said.

The pushchair has been taken into police custody for examination and an investigation is underway.