A Facebook feature eliminated the flag of Israel in a list of countries participating in the Olympic games in Rio.

A feature called Profile Frames, which puts the country of your choice’s flag and the Rio 2016 logo below your photo or in place of your profile picture, features a list of the 206 countries and groups, such as refugees, playing in the Rio Games listed alphabetically. Israel and its flag did not appear on the list in its alphabetical place, but instead appeared at the end and features the flag of the Israeli Olympic Committee and not the national flag.

The omission has now been corrected.

A mobile app that puts a screen of the flag over the profile picture was also missing Israel’s flag.

The Israel Olympic Committee on Wednesday sent a letter of protest to Facebook, after it received several messages on its Facebook page complaining of the omission, Ynet reported.

Israel is the only country whose flag that was not featured.

Source: JSpaceNews