Prime Minister David Cameron has voiced his “unbreakable” belief in Israel and affirmed his stand with the Jewish people in the UK. Britain’s PM also committed to not turn a blind eye to the recent rise in anti-Semitism in the UK in his Wednesday speech, which has been welcomed by Christians United for Israel UK.

“At a time when once again the Jewish communities of Europe feel vulnerable and when anti-Semitism is at record levels here in Britain I will not stand by,” says Mr Cameron addressing the Community Security Trust, “I will not turn a blind eye to the threats that the community faces. If the Jewish community does not feel secure then our whole national fabric is diminished.”

The speech comes after a recent increase in security measures for Jewish schools and synagogues in Britain following anti-Semitic attacks in Paris and Copenhagen earlier this year, which the Prime Minister described as “sickening”.

David Cameron stated, “It is not just about the enormous contribution you all make to our society – it is more profound than that. It is a measure of the vigour of our institutions and the health of our democracy that the Jewish community feels safe to live and flourish here.”

Cameron also pledged £10 million to help protect Jewish premises in Britain as part of a nationwide package to combat anti-Semitism and Islamic extremism.

“We are going to fight anti-Semitism with everything we have got. There will be no excuses. No exceptions. No justifications.”

Congratulating Benjamin Netanyahu’s election victory this week, the Prime Minister also affirmed his stand with Israel, expressing opposition to boycotting Israel and describing Israel as an “extraordinary nation” when considering its location and surrounding threats.

“With me you will always have a British Prime Minister whose belief in Israel is unbreakable and whose commitment to Israel’s security will always be rock solid.”

“For as long as I am Prime Minister, I will stand with you (the Jewish community), work with you, celebrate what you do and ensure we do everything possible to keep you safe. And I truly believe that we will succeed.”

Christians United for Israel UK has welcomed Mr Cameron’ speech. Executive Director, Des Starritt says, “We are very encouraged by the Prime Minister’s statement in support for Israel and the Jewish people. In light of the recent rise in anti-Semitism, we believe his stand comes at a definitive moment for Jews in Britain and around the world.”

Mr Starritt adds, “Whilst Christians United for Israel UK is a non-political organisation, we hope the sentiment of Mr Cameron’s speech will be echoed across the party political spectrum. We understand from the Bible the tremendous blessing upon any nation that blesses Israel. We also encourage Christians to question their representatives on this important issue in the lead up to the General Election.”

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