Over one thousand people are set to gather in Westminster next week for ‘A Night to Honour Israel’, hosted by Christians United for Israel.

CUFI launched in the UK last year with the purpose of enabling Christians to speak and act with one voice in support of Israel. ‘A Night to Honour Israel’ has been held annually in hundreds of American cities since 1981, where CUFI is America’s largest pro-Israel organization with over 3 million members.

The event on Thursday 16 June will feature keynote speeches from CUFI Founder, Pastor John Hagee, UK Executive Director, Des Starritt, retired British Army officer Colonel Richard Kemp, Simon Johnson, Chief Executive of the Jewish Leadership Council and others.

The past year has seen a new wave of terror in Israel, often not reported by our mainstream media and shamefully often not condemned; whilst in Europe anti-Semitism continues to take root. Wednesday night’s terrorist attack in Tel Aviv in which four people were killed is sadly another reminder of the on-going threat against Israel and the need for our nation to stand with Israel.

Anti-Israel attitudes remain widespread in Britain, but Israel is not alone. As Christians in the UK, we will stand with Israel and the Jewish people. As we meet together in London, we will celebrate Israel’s amazing contribution to the world; we will recognise Israel’s past, present and future importance; we will stand against those who wish to delegitimise her, and we will unite in solidarity and in prayer for Israel and for our own nation.

The event also aims to unite Christians and Jews and recognise those things that are commonly shared. If you take away the Jewish contribution from Christianity, there would be no Christianity, so fundamentally, Christians owe the Jewish people everything. Once a person sees that, he’s committed to take action in defence of the Jewish people.

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