Today, on Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom HaShoah), we commemorate the 6 million Jews who were slaughtered at the hands of the Nazis.

Sadly, as we do so, we are simultaneously seeing the rise of that old enemy wearing a new mask. Where once, anti-Semitism was displayed by those in white hoods or wearing the twisted cross of the swastika, today, this hatred hides in plain sight. Only a decade ago, anti-Semites were shunned and despised. Now, this appalling bigotry has a platform on Twitter and the New York Times and is applauded in the public square.

Anti-Semites rail against Israel on our university campuses. They break bread with elected officials and commit acts of heinous violence – like the horrific shooting we saw just last week at a synagogue in San Diego.

They may not wear the uniforms of their forefathers, but today’s anti-Semites are as dangerous as they are insidious. In fact, by wrapping themselves in the flags of faith, social justice, and liberty, they are contorting the very concepts we in the West hold so dearly.

The anti-Semites of today are arguably a larger threat than those who for decades were more easily distinguished from normal, peace-loving and patriotic citizens.

Don’t be fooled by those using words like “anti-Zionism” as a fig leaf to hide their bigotry.

Let us not become blind to the anti-Semitism that hides in plain sight, where false arguments are used to mask efforts to destroy Israel through Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS).

For decades, support for Israel transcended political party, ideology and faith in this country. Those focused on human rights and civil rights saw in Israel a light unto the nations. But today, the loss of objective truth and the acceptance of moral ambiguity have enabled anti-Semitic movements to spread like cancer.

CUFI was built for such a time as this. We will not grow weary in well doing, and we will not let this darkness dim our light, for we are a light unto the world, as Israel is a light unto the nations.

We exist to shine a light on the anti-Semitism that hides in plain sight. From churches to university campuses to local councils to the halls of Westminster, we at Christians United for Israel seek to be a light in the darkness.

As members of Christians United for Israel, we will not simply curse the darkness, we are committed to shine the light! Please join us to commit to combatting this scourge. Please support our cause and help us shine the light.