Two female border police officers aged 19 and 20 have been seriously wounded in a shooting attack close to Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate.

Both officers – one of whom is in critical condition – have been evacuated to hospital.

According to initial reports, three Arab terrorists armed with concealed Carl Gustav sub-machine guns, knives and bombs were spotted acting suspiciously by Border Police officers close to Damascus Gate.

When officers approached, one of the terrorists produced his ID, and another suddenly opened fire, wounding two officers.

Other officers in the vicinity returned fire, eliminating all three.

The terrorists have been identified as Palestinian Arabs from the Jenin area in Samaria.

It is the second attack this week, following Sunday’s shooting attackbetween Bet El and Ramallah, just north of Jerusalem.

Several other attacks have also been thwarted this week by alert police officers, including several planned stabbing attacks.

More to follow

Source: Arutz Sheva