A contributor to the BBC, Guardian, New York Times and other publications has deleted his social media accounts after being found to have posted vile antisemitic messages, including calling for the murder of Jews. Likewise, these publications have allowed a supporter of terrorism to warp their reporting of news to be biased against Israel.

Fady Hossam Hanona has contributed videos and news stories on the Israel-Gaza conflict over the years, including six times to the New York Times during Israel’s recent Operation Breaking Dawn missions against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists.

Honest Reporting has the details on Hanona, who not only has expressed antisemitic views but also support for terrorism.

Hanona posted a message on Facebook saying, “In the end, the Jews are sons of dogs and I am with killing them, and burning them like Hitler did to them… I would be extremely happy.”

In another online post from the same month, he went as far as invoking Nazi leader Adolf Hitler to support his point about the strength of Gazan fighters. “As Hitler said, give me a Palestinian soldier and a German weapon, and I will make Europe crawl on its fingertips,” Hanona’s post read, citing an unconfirmed quote attributed to the man responsible for the murder of six million Jews.

Hanona also urged the Palestinian “resistance” to reject a truce and continue its missile attacks on Tel Aviv, which had at that point already cost the lives of five civilians. Remember that attacks on a civilian city is a war crime, and yet this is what he is calling for in order to kill Jewish civilians.

It is widely understood by the public that unbiased reporting is the media’s prime function and that without it the media loses credibility. Yet, the BBC, Guardian, New York Times and others have allowed someone with a clear anti-Israel bias, and more than that, support for terrorism and the murder of Jews, to taint their reporting in a way that undermines these publications’ journalistic integrity. It is imperative they take action to rectify this.

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