Islamic Jihad and Hamas have praised the killing an unarmed Israeli soldier who was found stabbed to death in the so-called West Bank on Wednesday morning, describing the attack as “heroic”.

Eighteen-year old Dvir Sorek, who was from the community of Ofra, was studying at a yeshivah in Migdal Oz, south of Jerusalem, while taking part in his military service. He had been on his way back from buying books that he intended to gift to his rabbi.

Islamic Jihad praised the stabbing attack as “heroic and sending an important message.”

Hamas said, “We congratulate our people for the heroic action in which the soldier was killed. We call on the PA and the security forces to stop the security coordination. Armed struggle in the [West] Bank is noble. Our people will sacrifice what’s most dear to them to defend their land and Jerusalem.”

As Dvir was being laid to rest on Thursday evening, a groups of Palestinians were seem handing out Snicker chocolate bars in celebration.

Israel Defense Forces are currently carrying out intensive searches to find the killers. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would catch those responsible.

Neither group took credit for the killing. However, Hamas has been actively building terror cells in Judea and Samaria.

At Thursday evening’s funeral, fireworks could be seen in the background which were reportedly set off by Palestinians celebrating.

Fireworks set off as Jewish teen is laid to rest

As thousands gathered in Israel for the funeral 18-year old Dvir Sorek, who was murdered in a terror stabbing this week, fireworks were set off by Palestinians in the background as Dvir was laid to rest.A shocking portrayal of the hatred towards the Jewish people.

Posted by Christians United for Israel – UK on Friday, 9 August 2019