A 31-year old man who suffered critical wounds Thursday evening when a Palestinian terrorist stabbed him and two other people after entering a house in the community of Adam in the Binyamin region died of his wounds overnight. The man was named as 31-year-old Yotam Ovadia, a father of two. He will be laid to rest Friday afternoon in Jerusalem.

A 58-year-old man remains in hospital in stable condition after being stabbed in the upper torso. A third victim, 41-year-old Asaf Ravid, sustained light wounds.

Ravid, who shot dead the 17-year-old terrorist, told the Hebrew-language Ynet website that he had been out riding his bicycle when he heard screams from a nearby house and then saw the terrorist approaching him with a knife.

“I went cycling and in my bag I had a gun that I always carry with me,” Ravid said. “I heard shouts and then saw the terrorist approach me. He pulled a knife out of his pocket and stabbed me in the shoulder. I pulled away and took the gun out of my bag… I shot him once, and when he continued to move toward me I shot him another two times and he fell.”

The terrorist was named as Mohammed Tarik Youssef, 17, from the nearby Palestinian village of Kobar.  On July 21, 2017, a Palestinian terrorist from Kobar stabbed three members of the Salomon family to death in the nearby Jewish community of Neve Tzuf.