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In this issue we highlight the importance of not remaining silent in the face of evil.

We draw upon the inspiring life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a faithful German pastor during the Holocaust, whose inspiring story reminds us of the need for Christians to speak out amid rising anti-Semitism and the deepening assault on our Judeo-Christian values.

One person not remaining silent right now is Countdown’s Rachel Riley; we trust our article about her speaking out against anti-Semitism will encourage you to do the same. Elsewhere, we look ahead to which country could be next to move their embassy to Jerusalem.

In this issue:

  • Understanding the Times
  • “Next year in Jerusalem” – Who will be next to move their embassy?
  • The Mother of Martyrs
  • The United Nations has blood on its hands
  • Countdown’s Rachel Riley takes on the anti-Semites 
  • + Our News in Brief supplement