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In this issue we explain why the Golan Heights are part of Israel historically, Biblically and legally.

We also take a look at the situation at Israel’s southern border. You will read the stories of Israeli mothers – their fears and their resilience – as they share in their own words what it is like to protect their children and themselves during rocket attacks.

In fact the story of the modern state of Israel is one of courageously overcoming great obstacles, which is why we have again included articles that share some of Israel’s latest innovative breakthroughs and trailblazing.

In this issue:

  • The importance of Israel’s Golan Heights
  • Small country, big dreams: Israel touches the moon
  • 15 seconds and counting: When Hamas rockets strike southern Israel
  • The extraordinary courage of Israeli mums – In their own words
  • Letter from an Israeli teen
  • Amazing medical breakthrough will help heal burn victims with “second skin”
  • “I’m a Christian and I love Israel” – Brazil’s president is leading nation’s renewed love for Israel
  • “The very rocks will cry out”