The United Nations hosted world leaders to speak at the General Assembly this week and we have heard speeches from numerous heads of state. One of those to speak was Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi who delivered lies, distortions and hatred from the podium.

During his thirty-three-minute speech, Raisi tried to fool those listening into believing Iran was a sanctuary for “justice” and lamented against those he deemed as unleashing “terrorism” on other countries. The truth, however, is that Iranians are taking to the streets to protest the injustices of Raisi’s regime and the Middle East is being irreparably damaged by Iran’s terrorist exploits.

As you would expect, Raisi made sure to spread his hatred of Israel, calling the only democracy in the Middle East the most “savage” regime in the history of the region.

Raisi made the outlandish claim that the Middle East had “not seen previously such an occupying, savage power such as the Zionist regime in its midst in the past.”

He then spewed lies, such as saying that “the killing of children and women are present in the dark report card of the Zionist regime”. He accused Israel of creating “the biggest prison in the world in Gaza” and said that Israel’s “savagery is still with us and not ending.”

It should be noted that Raisi has admitted to being part of a ‘Death Commission’ that ordered the killing of up to 5,000 political prisoners in Iranian jails in 1988.

Additionally, Iran has, for decades, refused to allow any UN human rights rapporteur to visit the country for an independent assessment of their human rights situation despite numerous reports of gross violations by the Iranian regime. And as Raisi delivered his speech, Iranians were on the streets protesting against the brutality of his regime.

Israeli Ambassador to the UN walked out of Raisi’s speech, saying that it represented a “new low” for the world body to be addressed by someone with a record of human rights abuses and Holocaust denial such as Raisi.

“It is a new moral low for the UN. A mass-murdering Holocaust-denier gets the podium at the UN to speak his hatred. Every ambassador that stays to hear him should be embarrassed,” Erdan said.

He added: “While the Ayatollah regime in Iran oppresses its citizens, murders women who do not cover their heads and finances terrorist attacks around the world, here at the United Nations, which was established to prevent such atrocities, the president of Iran, the murderer and Holocaust denier Raisi, is given a platform to spread his hatred.”

We couldn’t agree more, it is shameful that such human rights abusers as Raisi and his ilk are given free rein to spread lies to the world with impunity.

In other parts of his speech, Raisi claimed that Iran is a “defender in the fight against injustice in all of its forms.”

In recent days, Iranian citizens have taken to the streets to protest the brutal oppression of the dictators of Tehran following the murder of 22-year-old woman Mahsa Amini who was beaten to death following her arrest by Tehran’s morality police. Witnesses say she was beaten on the head with a baton while being dragged into a police car. Her ‘crime’ was not wearing a headscarf.

Shamefully, Raisi claimed that the Islamic Revolution of Iran, a political uprising that overthrew the government and plunged his country into a dictatorship of Islamic extremism and brutal oppression, was a “revolution towards justice and fairness.”

Despite this, the Iranian president said his regime has “always seen oppression as an existential enemy and has always fought in order to destroy the enslavement of Babylonians all the way to the Palestinians.”

He made an outrageous claim that some countries train up terror groups and impose their ideology on others, saying: “For a country that wishes internally to have justice but then outside its own borders creates or trains various terrorist groups and unleashes them on various nations must be ashamed in the face of humanity, must be ashamed when faced with principles of freedom and justice and fairness.”

Raisi was referring to America when talking there, but in reality, he was projecting what his own regime was doing in the Middle East.

The Iranian regime wears the unwanted crown as the world’s leader in state-sponsored terrorism. Iran has direct control over terrorist groups such as Hezbollah in Lebanon, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in Gaza and the Houthis in Yemen. It also supplies weaponry and has influence over Hamas, the terrorist group that controls the Gaza Strip.

Despite these very real threats to peace, Raisi attempts to trick the world into believing Iran is for peace.

Raisi is showing himself to be two-faced in every statement he is making. He’s calling Iran the defenders of justice and freedom while brutally oppressing his people and he’s claiming that his country is against warfare when his country is funding terrorist groups and destabilizing nations with violence.

During his speech, Raisi honoured the late General Qasem Soleimani by holding up his image and calling him a “martyr” and calling his killing by a US airstrike a “savage, illegal and immoral crime”.

Soleimani was the head of the IRGC and led terror groups in destabilizing activities in the region.

This speech was as absurd as it was offensive. The Iranian dictators have no right to preach “justice” to the world when they are one of the most unjust regimes on earth today. They spread violence and terror throughout the Middle East and they repeatedly express a desire to wipe another nation (Israel) off the face of the earth.

Raisi’s speech is just another example of why the United Nations is in desperate need of reform. When brutal dictators can not only spread their hatred but carry on with impunity, not being held to account for their actions, it shows the UN is not fit for purpose. It has failed in its mission of standing up for human rights.

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