The Bible says in James 5:16 that “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much”.

We can be certain that our prayers are not in vain. The past week has seen some incredibly significant developments. Firstly, the US Senate passed an important bill regarding Hezbollah financing. Then the US announced that it was pulling out of UNESCO over anti-Israel bias, which prompted Israel to do the same. And today President Trump took the courageous decision to decertify that notorious Iran nuclear deal. These acts did not happen over night. Our friends in America, as indeed many pro-Israel Christians in this country and around the world, have been praying for breakthroughs in these areas.

Regrettably, the UK has in contrast committed this week to the Iran deal and also announced it will not be withdrawing from UNESCO. As disappointing as this might seem, we need to hold onto the reminder that because our prayers ‘avail much’ this is far from over. Prayer changes things.

The following prayer points are to assist you as you pray. For the stories behind these prayer points, please view the CUFI Weekly News Round-up, by clicking here.

May God bless you as you pray.

  • Praise the Lord that President Trump announced that he will de-certify the Iran deal and introduce new sanctions.
  • Praise the Lord for the decision taken by the US this week to withdraw from UNESCO because of its anti-Israel bias. Pray that this will force the UNESCO and other UN bodies to transform its attitude towards Israel.
  • Pray that the UK will also take bold moves to demonstrate opposition to this bias. Pray especially for the CUFI campaign asking the UK Government to put pressure on the UN to stop its ‘Israel-bashing’.
  • Praise the Lord that the US Senate passed a bill this week adding sanctions on Hezbollah and those that support it.
  • Pray that the UK will ban Hezbollah in its entirety.
  • Pray about the agreement between Fatah, which controls the so-called West Bank, and Hamas, which controls Gaza, ending a 10-year split between the two Palestinian factions. Pray that this reconciliation will not be detrimental to Israel’s security. Pray that concerns raised by Israel regarding Hamas’s failure to disarm or recognise Israel will cause the international community to be wary of the anticipated unity government.
  • Pray for CUFI as we attend the Festival of Life at the Excel next Friday evening.
And “pray for the peace of Jerusalem”