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“Britain’s stand with Israel begins with the Church”

At CUFI, we firmly believe the above statement to be true. It is no coincidence that prior to the establishment of the modern State of Israel, Christian Zionism had a prominent place both in politics and the church. The Balfour Declaration, for example, was birthed from a shift in Biblical understanding towards Israel and the Jewish people and their right to live in their historic homeland.

With this in mind, when we saw an inaccurate statement last week by the Archbishop of Canterbury regarding the recent protest by the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, CUFI decided to write to the Archbishop, asking supporters to do the same. Whilst he may not have meant to deliberately mislead, it contributed to a bias against Israel regarding the issue and even resulted in a number of antisemitic comments on his social media page. Please pray for Archbishop Welby and that God will place on his heart the matters we raised.

In a world where Israel is increasingly vilified, it is important that the church aligns itself with the Word of God concerning Israel and doesn’t invoke anti-Israel and anti-Semitic reactions. That is why we believe the work of CUFI is so important in these times. We want to see a cultural shift in the church towards Israel. We want to get back to the Bible in our understanding. Back to what His Word says about His covenant people.

Throughout the UK, thousands of Christians like you are recognising this importance. We appreciate that you too have made Israel and the Jewish people a priority in your prayer life and we see you as a vital part of our ministry. It could be said that for “Britain’s stand with Israel to begin with the Church”, it must also begin with prayer.

The following prayer points are to assist you as you pray. For the stories behind these prayer points, please view the CUFI Weekly News Round-up, by clicking here.

May God bless you as you pray.

  • Pray for Archbishop Justin Welby and the letters sent by CUFI and supporters. Pray that he will correct the misleading statements and will take on board the points raised. Pray that he will use his role to strengthen support for Israel and not weaken it.
  • Pray that churches across the UK will recognise the importance of standing with Israel.
  • Pray for the families of the two IDF soldiers killed on Friday in a car-ramming terrorist attack. Pray for the other two soldiers that were injured.
  • Praise the Lord that Israeli border authorities prevented the smuggling of a substantial quantity of terror-related contraband into Gaza.
  • Pray that Britain and the international community will be more vocal at holding the Palestinian leadership to account for their misuse of foreign aid money, especially regarding the use of that aid in support of terrorism.
  • Pray that authorities in Cape Town, who have previously refused Israel’s help, will not heed to the anti-Israel movement, but will listen to Israel’s expert advice to try and resolve the current drought and imminent turning off of water supplies
  • Pray about the crisis that has developed between Britain and Russia over accusations concerning the attempted assassination of a Russian double-agent and his daughter in Salisbury. Pray for wisdom for UK leadership, the establishing of the truth and appropriate response.
  • Pray that as CUFI defends Israel and speaks out against antisemitism, we will have an even greater impact in reaching this nation.

And “pray for the peace of Jerusalem”