Hamas has released footage advertising its “Vanguards of Liberation – Soldiers of Jerusalem” summer camps that are currently underway in Gaza.

The video shows children training in Hamas’ “Summer Camps” and are shown learning about weapons, crawling under barbed wire, training in hand to hand combat and even have a real terror tunnel to practice operations in.

In the video a Hamas commander says, “The Prophet Muhammad said, ‘A strong believer is better and more beloved by Allah than a weak believer… we are in need of strong and powerful heroes.’”

The video then cuts to a Palestinian teenager saying, “We come from the mosques in order to heed the call of Allah and His Prophet in order to prepare ourselves for the final and decisive battle with the tyrannical occupation that defiles our land and our holy places.”

The boy then goes on to explain that they attend the camp to increase their knowledge and strength and to train in order to “take revenge upon the tyrannical Zionist occupation”.

Another teen expressed his desire to “continue on the path of our martyrs.”

Posters of suicide bombers decorate the walls of the camp in an apparent attempt to inspire the youth to follow suit.

Hamas also put a special emphasis this year on recruiting young girls to take part in the camps. Hamas promised that the girls will “gain knowledge and strengthen their fear of Allah” during the camps by taking part in religious preaching, field trips, arts and crafts, lectures and more.

A video to advertise this included an image of two girls armed with AK-47 assault rifles with the al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount in the background and a song about “liberating” the al-Aqsa mosque.