More than two dozen families in Madison, Wisconsin, woke up to vulgar language and ethnic and racial slurs spray-painted on their property Saturday. At least 30 west side homes.

At least 30 west side homes – including garage doors, driveways and vehicles – were vandalized overnight, according to Madison Police Officer David Dexheimer. The complaints came from areas west of Gammon Road, including Colony Drive, Millstone Road, Harvest Hill Road and others. The damage is estimated at well over $10,000.

“I think we’re talking about felony types of damage,” Dexheimer said.

While most of the damage included profane language and explicit drawings, several contained racially-based and anti-Semitic slurs and swastikas. Some of that property damage, located on Brule Circle, has neighbors in the community calling the incident a hate crime.

“Everyone in the neighborhood is pretty upset,” says Jim Stein, a neighbor who has lived on the street for 18 years.

Source: Channel3000