The United Nations General Assembly has once again sided with the terror group Hamas and condemned Israel in what Nikki Haley has called “a morally bankrupt judgement.”

The UN showed its anti-Israel hatred once again when 120 nations voted in favour of a resolution that condemned only Israel for the violence on the Gaza border and failed to even mention Hamas. By contrast, only 8 nations voted against the motion and 45 countries abstained, including the United Kingdom.

The countries who stood with Israel against the motion were the US, Australia, Micronesia, Nauru, Togo, Solomon Islands and the Marshall Islands.

Some of the EU countries who supported the pro-Hamas resolution were Belgium, Finland, France, Ireland, Spain, Sweden and more.

Before this main vote, the US put forward an amendment that would include the terror group Hamas in the resolution. The vote took place and it was a majority 62 votes in favour to 58 votes against with 42 abstentions.

UNGA President Miroslav Lajčák of Slovakia ruled that a two-thirds majority was needed for an amendment to be added to a draft resolution.

Haley appealed his decision, quoting a rule that states only a slim majority (which this was) was needed for it to be added. This challenge led the session to be adjourned for several minutes. The appeal was later rejected.

“Today the UN made the morally bankrupt judgment that the recent Gaza violence is all Israel’s fault. It is no wonder that no one takes the UN seriously as a force for Middle East peace,” Haley said.

“But the common practice of turning a blind eye to the UN’s anti-Israel bias is changing. Today, a plurality of 62 countries voted in favour of the US-led effort to address Hamas’s responsibility for the disastrous conditions in Gaza. We had more countries on the right side than the wrong side,” she said.

The resolution referred to the March of Return by reaffirming “the right to peaceful assembly and protest, and freedom of expression and of association”. The only problem with that is that these are not peaceful demonstrations.

The resolution also expressed “deep alarm” for the loss of civilian lives. Of the thousands of violent protesters, around 120 have been killed. More than 80% of those killed have been terrorist members of Hamas or other Palestinian terror groups. Most of the other people killed have been involved in attacks.

The UN refuses to recognise Hamas’s actions at the Israel border for the terrorist acts they are.

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon told the General Assembly prior to Haley’s statement that if the UN approved the Palestinian resolution, “it will have signed in writing its unequivocal support for terrorism against Israel.”

“Let us not pretend,” Danon said. “If ISIS were to attack Stockholm tomorrow, ISIS would be held responsible for the attack. If al-Qaeda assaulted Paris, the UN would issue the strongest condemnation of al-Qaeda,” he added.

“Only when Hamas attacks Israel does the UN seek to blame Israel,” Danon said. “The moral majority in this chamber should not tolerate a different standard for Israeli victims of terror.”

“I have a simple message for those who support this resolution. You are the ammunition for Hamas’s guns. You are the warheads for Hamas’s missiles,” Danon said.

As Colonel Richard Kemp said to the UN Human Rights Council last month, “Your failure to admit that Hamas is responsible for every drop of blood spilt on the Gaza border encourages their violence and use of human shields. It makes you complicit in further bloodshed.”

Colonel Richard Kemp SLAMS Hamas and UN bias against Israel

This is what the UN needs to hear! LIKE and SHARE the truth!TODAY Colonel Richard Kemp, the former commander of the British armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan has SLAMMED the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for its condemnation of Israel whilst ignoring Hamas's terrorist actions."If this Council really cared about human rights, it should commend the Israel Defence Force for that, not condemn them on the basis of lies."#CUFI #Hamas #Gaza #Israel #PrayforIsrael #ColonelRichardKemp

Posted by Christians United for Israel – UK on Friday, 18 May 2018