Neo-Nazis in central London protesting against the “Jewification” of Britain on Saturday, 4 July, were vastly outnumbered by an anti-fascist counterprotest.

Police far outnumbered the numbers of neo-Nazi group, with eyewitnesses reporting that just 20 to 30 had turned up. In comparison, at least 200 anti-fascist activists were at the protest.

Nevertheless, there was a heavy police presence on Richmond Terrace in Whitehall ahead of the event, with Jewish groups saying they were preparing for “all eventualities”.

The neo-Nazi group waved a Confederate and Palestinian flag as onlookers watched with “curiosity and disgust”, Jewish Chronicle reporter Josh Jackman said.

The protest was originally due to take place in Golders Green, an area in North London with a large Jewish community.

However, police moved the demonstration to Richmond Terrace in Whitehall following huge opposition from anti-fascist groups, politicians and community leaders.

Source: IBT