The MP for Ilford North will reveal the harrowing details of the anti-Semitic behaviour he has endured on a radio programme to be aired on Thursday.

Lee Scott, who refuses to go on Twitter in case of online attacks against his Jewish faith, reveals on the Radio 4 programme much of the abuse he receives comes from telephone calls to his home.

However, Mr Scott reveals he refuses to be “intimidated” by anti-Semites.

Speaking to the Recorder ahead of the programme, he said: “I have been called “a Jewish pig” and they said they were going to kill me.

“It does not intimidate me, but it does upset me, like it would any human being.

“But as I have said in every meeting on anti-Semitism, I am proud to be Jewish, I am proud to be an MP and I am proud to be British.”

Mr Scott said he has taken security measures in light of attacks, and “never goes anywhere alone”.

‘Anti-Semitism in the UK: Is It Growing?’ on BBC Radio 4 at 8pm

Source: Ilford Recorder