All the main parties have now released their manifestos for the upcoming General Election. We take a look at the Israel-related policies stated by each party.

Conservative Party

The Conservative Party Manifesto states:

“And we will continue to pursue free trade agreements with countries such as Israel and Switzerland. We staunchly stand behind Israel’s right to defend itself and to live with security. We will continue to support access to aid for those affected by the conflict. We will push for a two-state solution in the Middle East – our long-standing position has been that we will recognise a Palestinian State at a time that is most conducive to the peace process.

“Abuse or discrimination based on religion is unacceptable. We will not tolerate antisemitic hatred in any form. We have pledged £54 million for the Community Security Trust to give Jewish schools and synagogues the security measures they need and allocated additional funding to support schools and universities to understand, recognise and tackle antisemitism. We will get the UK Holocaust Memorialbuilt.”

“We will bring back our Bill to ban public bodies from imposing their own boycott or divestment campaigns against foreign countries and territories.”


Green Party

The Green Party Manifesto states:

“The Green Party has been calling for an immediate bilateral ceasefire in the war between Israel and Gaza and the return of hostages since mid-October 2023. We condemned the appalling murder of hundreds of Israeli civilians by Hamas on 7 October and for which Hamas should be held to account, and since then have watched in horror as Israeli forces have committed war crimes that have caused the deaths of tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians. Green MPs will push for:

• An immediate and permanent bilateral ceasefire.

• A durable political solution that ensures security and equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians. This is the only way to achieve long-term security for the people of Palestine and Israel.

• Recognition of the state of Palestine and an urgent international effort to end the illegal occupationof Palestinian land.

• Investigation and prosecution of war crimes. We believe there is strong evidence to support South Africa’s submission to the International Court of Justice that Israel is guilty of genocide in its conduct in Gaza.

• An end to all UK arms exports to and military cooperation with Israel, which make the British government complicit in these war crimes.


Labour Party

The Labour Party Manifesto states:

“Long-term peace and security in the Middle East will be an immediate focus. Labour will continue to push for an immediate ceasefire, the release of all hostages, the upholding of international law, and a rapid increase of aid into Gaza. Palestinian statehood is the inalienable right of the Palestinian people. It is not in the gift of any neighbour and is also essential to the long-term security of Israel. We are committed to recognising a Palestinian state as a contribution to a renewed peace process which results in a two-state solution with a safe and secure Israel alongside a viable and sovereign Palestinian state.”


Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrat Manifesto states that they will:

“Advocate for an immediate bilateral ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict to resolve the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, get the hostages out, and provide the space to reach a two-state solution based on 1967 borders with security and dignity for Israelis and Palestinians.”

In another section, the Manifesto expands on its policy:

“Work with our allies to help bring security and stability to the Middle East, which has become a tinderbox amidst the Israel-Gaza conflict, including by:

• Advocating for an immediate bilateral ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict, recognising that there is no military solution to remove Hamas from Gaza.

• Leading a diplomatic push towards a two-state solution in Israel and Palestine based on 1967 borders, to deliver the security and dignity that Israelis and Palestinians deserve.

• Officially recognising the independent state of Palestine with immediate effect.

• Recognising the existential threat of Iran not just in the Middle East but to Western democracies, by proscribing Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

• Upholding and respecting international courts and international law.

• Work with communities to tackle the alarming rise of antisemitism and Islamophobia.”


Reform Party

The Reform Party Manifesto makes no mention of Israel or related. The statement: “promises a ‘major review’ into ‘the effectiveness of overseas aid” could apply to aid to the Palestinian territories.

The draft manifesto originally stated: “Enforce existing laws to stop violent, hate demonstrations such as the Free-Palestine marches,” however this was not included in the final manifesto.


Scottish National Party

The Scottish National Party Manifesto states:

“Demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, release of hostages and ending arms sales to Israel. We call on the UK Government to immediately recognise Palestine as an independent state.

Demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, release of hostages and end arms sales to Israel. We will continue to call on the UK Government to follow the lead of Ireland, Norway and Spain by immediately recognising Palestine as a state. We believe that recognising Palestine as a state in its own right is the only way to move towards a just and durable long-term peace, in the interests of both Palestinians and Israelis.


Plaid CYMRU (Welsh Party)

Plaid Cymru’s Manifesto states:

“Plaid Cymru has been consistent in calling for a peaceful ceasefire in Gaza, release of all hostages and a negotiated end to the conflict. Our motion calling for an immediate ceasefire in November 2023 was passed by our Senedd. We recognise the State of Palestine, as an essential step towards peace in the region. Plaid Cymru condemns in the strongest possible terms the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7th, the murder of tens of thousands of innocent civilians in the region, and the horrific genocide committed by the Israeli Government against the people of Gaza. Amnesty International classifies the State of Israel as an apartheid state, which has received the direct and indirect support of Western governments, including the United Kingdom. Plaid Cymru further believes that Israeli Government Ministers responsible for war crimes, including genocide, should be held accountable by international courts for their actions. We will demand that the UK Government enforces all decisions made by the International Criminal Court, including acting on all arresting warrants it issues. We further call on the UK Government to expel the Israeli ambassador until such time as the Israeli Government ends its apartheid and illegal actions. We will also demand a ban on all arms sales to the state of Israel. Plaid Cymru opposed and voted against the Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) Bill which was aimed at preventing public authorities from participating in boycotts, divestment and sanctions campaigns. Plaid Cymru supports all campaigns against oppressive states using any peaceful methods including boycotts, divestment and sanctions, and commit to protecting the human right to protest free of hindrance, crackdown or unfair restriction.