Members of a Muslim gang who carried out a terrifying anti-Semitic attack in England last summer have pleaded guilty to racially aggravated common assault, according to the UK’s Daily Mirror.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how the four anti-Semitic attackers – Balawal Sultan (18), Kesa Malik (19), Hassnain Aliamin (18), and a 16-year-old minor who cannot be named for legal reasons – had traveled to the town of Gateshead on the night of July 18 with the specific intent of attacking a member of the local Jewish community there.

Hours prior to the attack, Sultan sent a chilling text to a friend reading: “I’m going to go Jew bashing. Haha”.

He then traveled along with his accomplices to Gateshead, home to the largest Orthodox Jewish community in northeast England and the largest yeshiva (Torah academy) in Europe, in search of a victim.

Sometime after midnight they found their target – a 41-year-old Jewish man returning home from a local yeshiva.

Source: Israel National News