Monday 12th October

13 and 15-year-old Palestinian boys critically injure 13 and 25-year-old Israelis in stabbing attack

Israel Police identified the two Palestinian teenagers who stabbed and seriously injured two Israelis in Jerusalem on Monday afternoon as cousins, 13 and 15 years old, from the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Beit Hanina. The older teen was shot dead by police when he allegedly charged at officers with a knife. His younger cousin was struck by a car and seriously injured when attempting to flee the scene. He remains in a critical but stable condition in hospital.

The cousins attacked a 13-year-old Israeli boy and a man, 25, gravely injuring them. The boy was stabbed multiple times as he rode his bike, he is said to only have survived thanks to the quick work of medical teams and remains in a serious condition in hospital. The 25yr old man was stabbed multiple times in the chest.


(CUFI View: It is shocking to think that children are incited to violence in this way, and it is clear to see they are themselves victims in all of this. This attack produced some of the most heartbreaking images and hardest to watch videos since these attacks began – we must be fervent in prayers for the recovery of these boys, and for this whole situation)

Arab killed after stabbing soldier, trying to grab his gun

A Palestinian man allegedly attempted to snatch an IDF soldier’s gun on a bus entering Jerusalem on Monday night. He was shot dead after stabbing a soldier and an Israeli civilian.

A police officer who was nearby boarded the bus and attempted to tackle the assailant.  During the struggle, police said, the attacker succeeded in grabbing the officer’s gun.

Another officer who boarded the bus saw the attacker with the pistol and shot him, the police said.

Both victims were taken to Hadassah Hospital in Ein Kerem for treatment. The attacker was killed.


Palestinian woman stabs Police officer before getting shot

An Israeli Border Police officer, 20, was lightly wounded in a stabbing attack in northern Jerusalem Monday afternoon.

She was approached by the officer, who said she acted suspiciously. When he was close, she turned around and stabbed him with a knife she held in her hand.

The officer then shot the assailant. She was evacuated to hospital with moderate wounds.


Palestinian shot dead attempting to knife a police officer

Police said Mustafa Khatieb, 17, tried to knife a Border Police officer near Jerusalem’s Lions’ Gate before he was shot and killed Monday morning. The officer was unharmed in the attack as he was wearing a protective vest.


Sunday 11th October

Arab-Israeli drives car into young woman and stabs three others, including 14yr old girl

According to Army Radio, the attacker first ran over the 19-year-old female soldier, before getting out of the car and stabbing her and the three other victims.

The woman was evacuated to Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, with stab wounds to her head and upper torso.

Two other victims, a 14-year-old girl with moderate wounds and a 20-year-old man who was lightly hurt, both arrived at the hospital under their own steam. A 45-year-old man also sustained hand wounds in the attack.

The terrorist was arrested by police after three men (including the 45yr old who was injured) wrestled him to the ground when they saw him attacking the 14yr old girl.


Two Israelis hurt in separate rock throwing attacks

An Israeli man was lightly injured by Palestinian rock throwers who pelted his car with rocks at the A-zaim checkpoint near Jerusalem, where a Palestinian woman partially detonated a bomb earlier Sunday.

Outside the Hebron-area settlement of Carmei Tzur, another Israeli man was lightly injured when Palestinians pelted his car as he drove on Route 60, the main north-south West Bank highway Sunday afternoon.


Female terrorist detonates explosive near Ma’aleh Adumim checkpoint injuring police officer

A woman detonated an explosive and lightly wounded a police officer near the A-Zaim checkpoint on the road between Ma’aleh Adumim and Jerusalem on Sunday morning.

The terrorist was seriously injured in the attack and was evacuated to hospital in Jerusalem with burns to her entire body, Magen David Adom said. The police officer suffered burns to his upper body and was evacuated to hospital with light injuries and in stable condition.

Police said a traffic police officer stopped the driver, who he thought was driving suspiciously, and approached the car to stop at the side of the road and then walked over to question her. The suspect then left the vehicle and the explosion occurred.

“The driver shouted ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ (God is great) and detonated an explosive device,” a police spokeswoman said.


Three Jewish women held over teargas attack on Arab man in Jerusalem

Three young Jewish women were detained for questioning by Jerusalem police on Sunday on suspicion of attacking a Palestinian man with tear gas.

The man was treated at the scene for eye irritation and gave a statement which lead to the arrest of the three women.

“Police will display zero tolerance toward any instance of violence or attempt to breach the peace,” the Jerusalem district police said in a statement.


Saturday 10th October

Terrorist stabs police officer in neck and another in chest. Terrorist shot dead and another officer injured by ‘friendly fire’.

Three police officers were injured in a terror attack in Jerusalem Saturday afternoon by a Palestinian terrorist, the second such attack in the day.

One officer was seriously injured and the other two were moderately wounded in the attack near Damascus Gate in the Old City. The terrorist was shot dead by nearby security forces.


You can watch the video of this attack here (WARNING: Some may find this upsetting/disturbing):

Two Orthodox Jews stabbed in Jerusalem, Palestinian assailant killed

Two ultra-Orthodox men were wounded Saturday morning in a stabbing attack in central Jerusalem, police and medical officials said, the latest in a wave of attacks spreading fear among residents.

Police said the perpetrator of the attack, a Palestinian teenager from East Jerusalem, was shot and killed by officers who rushed to the scene. Officials said the attacker was around 16 years old.

The two victims, aged 62 and 65, were on their way back from morning prayers at a local synagogue when they were attacked.

Magen David Adom medics said the two were both on their feet, “conscious and in stable condition,” when they arrived. One suffered light injuries and the other moderate. The two were evacuated to the city’s Shaare Zedek medical center.


Two Israeli civilians hurt by rock throwers

A 43-year old man suffered a head wound after stones were thrown at a bus in Jerusalem on Shmuel HaNavi Street on Saturday night, according to Magen David Adom. (JPost)

A 53-year old woman was lightly injured from glass shards after Palestinians threw stones at her car as she traveled on Route 60, near the tunnel leading from Jerusalem to the Efrat settlement. (JPost)