Since taking over the Gaza strip, Hamas has developed a sophisticated network of military tunnels. The tunnel system branches beneath many of Gaza’s towns and cities and are used to store rockets and weaponry, enable free movement of Hamas operatives, the carrying out of terrorist attacks against Israel and the smuggling of illegal supplies into Gaza.

Terror tunnels are seen by Israel as a major threat and destroying this terror network was the primary objective of Israeli forces in the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict, where the IDF reported that they had destroyed 32 tunnels, fourteen of which crossed into Israel.

Each one of these tunnels is estimated to be worth at least $1 million, some considerably more, and Hamas is using money and materials donated to help Palestinian civilians in order to build these tunnels.

Since the Gaza conflict of 2014, countries from around the world, including Israel, have been funding building supplies to the Gaza strip for the purpose of rebuilding civilian homes. However, Israel claims that Hamas is syphoning off around 95% of the cement that enters the Gaza strip.

At the end of May, Dore Gold, Israel’s Foreign Ministry director general said that Hamas is “cynically exploiting” Israel’s help, so that it can “rebuild its military capacity.”

“Since October, Israel has let into Gaza 4,824,000 tons of building materials and these have often times been seized and used to build new attack tunnels penetrating Israeli territory,” he said.

This claim is evidenced by the fact that Israel has recently unearthed two sophisticated terror tunnels located 100 feet below ground and reaching into Israel. They included lighting, air conditioning, train tracks and phone lines.

A captured Hamas fighter also revealed routes of tunnels in northern Gaza and said some included rooms for resting, showers and dining areas. Egypt has also unearthed tunnels in recent months which reach into the Sinai. Some of these are reported to be several kilometres long and large enough to accommodate trucks.

These are not simply rabbit holes of dirt, they are highly sophisticated and extremely expensive.

Not only have tunnels been discovered, but news reports from inside Gaza also show of Hamas’ extensive tunnel construction with a number of recent incidents where Palestinians, including children, have been killed in tunnel collapses. Fearless Hamas operatives have started refusing to dig for fear that the tunnels will collapse around them and they will be the next ‘martyrs’. They clearly don’t see their lives as worth the risk, and have been heavily punished as a result.

This has prompted Hamas to release a video called, “Dig and Advance” which praises the “tunnel men” as a legitimate part of “Palestinian resistance”.

Watch the video below to see more unashamed brainwashing, featuring smiling children praising the tunnel men and even a doctor declaring that, “While the medical teams are the first to save a citizen’s life, their job is not more important than the job of the tunnel men who save the nation’s life.”

Israelis who live near the border of Gaza have been reporting hearing noises and feeling rumblings beneath them, reportedly from the tunnelling of terrorists. And Israel has issued evacuation directives to its citizens along the Gaza border. There is a real fear that Israeli military action is on the horizon.

However, it is not just the Israelis who are fearful. The New York Times reports that Palestinians are afraid too.

The Palestinians who have spoken out have done so based on anonymity, fearing reprisals by Hamas, but they say that they too can hear noises in the night and fear that the tunnels being built near their home will put them as a target of the IDF.

“Dear God – we will be torn apart,” said one 42-year-old woman in Khuzaa, a village near the fence. She believes a tunnel entrance point is hidden in a lumpy sand lot close to their home. “I am sure, one million percent, that those with tunnels under their houses cannot sleep, or taste the joy of life.”

The rebuilding of Palestinians homes in Gaza is extremely slow despite millions of tonnes of construction materials being transported into Gaza. Critics of Israel, including much of the international media, continually point the finger of blame at Israel. However, the only one to blame is Hamas.

Hamas is investing considerable effort and immense amounts of money and materials into their tunnelling project. Last month it was reported that they have close to the same number of tunnels that they had before 2014.

And yet the world watches the situation with their eyes closed. Simply blaming Israel while ignoring the heinous crimes being committed by Hamas.

Hamas is hell bent on destroying Israel, something that will never happen, and cares nothing for the Palestinians people or for rebuilding Gaza.

It is time for world leaders to wake up, because things are heating up between Israel and Hamas, and as soon as Israel makes a move to stop terrorists, it will once again receive the world’s condemnation for doing the right thing.

Hamas is preparing for war. Its tunnel system is nearing completion and they are already firing ‘warning shots’ with rockets being fired from the Gaza strip into Israel. History is looking to repeat itself again and we know that every move Israel makes will evoke the criticism of the world.

Pray for Israel. Pray for the Palestinians. Pray against the plans of Israel’s enemies, and most of all, pray for peace.

Christians United for Israel UK