Members of the synagogue in the city of Orhei, in Moldova, were shocked on Wednesday morning to find their Torah scroll thrown to the floor of the synagogue, and other religious objects desecrated on the floor as well. 

Leaders of the Jewish community submitted a complaint to the local police, and an investigation was launched to locate those responsible for the appalling attack.

An initial investigation indicates that vandals broke in through the back door of the synagogue.

According to the description of locals, the new inner doors of the synagogue were destroyed, and the menorah candelabras that were attached to the walls were brutally ripped off and stolen.

“The pictures bring to mind photographs from the dark days in the history of the nation of Israel, in which Torah scrolls were torn in synagogues that were desecrated by pogroms, in Orgiev, in Kishinev and in Romania,” the leaders of the community were quoted as saying by Chabad Online.


Source: COL